Day 1: This is Scary

I have this quote I reference on a weekly basis. It says:


Shower Thoughts

I happen to completely believe this. All of my best thinking happens in the shower. Seriously, ALL OF IT.

Which is how I got here. To this blog post. (I’m reconsidering if this would qualify as “best thinking”)

For at least the past 10 years, my husband and I have talked about how important it is for us to be debt free. You’d think that would mean we ARE debt free….or at least ACTIVELY WORKING TOWARDS being debt free…right?

Nope. We fail at this. Miserably. On a monthly basis.

We’ve read the books. We’ve listened to the talks. We’ve attended the seminars. We’ve made monthly goals. We write out a monthly budget. We cut up credit cards. We use cash only…..Yet, we’re still up to our eyeballs in debt. What the heck?!?! What is WRONG with us?!?

Let’s look at some numbers shall we? (This is the scary part!!! I’m going to be very honest with you)

  • My husband and I currently sit in the $100,000-$120,000 income bracket.
    • (holy-taboo-Batman! I just told everyone approximately how much money we make. Aren’t you not supposed to do that? You know what? I feel like our financial journey would have been smoother had we participated in more open and honest conversations with not only ourselves, but those around us. So, I’m starting now. Time to throw that “taboo” out the window, it has not served us well.)
  • We have a mortgage on our home, with a $1,800 monthly payment
  • We have 3 vehicles (1 car, 1 minivan…and 1 truck that hasn’t been driven in a few months due to work that needs to be done on it…that we can’t afford to pay for) with 3 car payments totaling approximately $900 a month
  • We have student loans, with around $830 a month going towards that debt that gave us the wonderful prized pieces of paper called college diplomas.
  • We have 10 CREDIT CARDS! 10!!!! Oh my gosh, writing that down makes my skin crawl…and makes ME want to crawl into a hole and never come out (how the heck did we do this to ourselves???!!!!) with $1,100 a month going towards those puppies.
  • I have iron-deficient anemia and have to get regular iron infusions. My husband has a bulging disc in his back that he goes to weekly physical therapy for. We pay around $200 month in health costs.
  • We pay 10% of our monthly income to our Church (we’re crazy Mormons).
  • We have 3 children, with a 4th on the way in just 5 short weeks.

Now why am I writing this down…in a PUBLIC PLACE? Because while in the shower, I had this thought. We’re told time and time again, the way to reach a goal is to find someone to be accountable to. Find someone to work out with. Find someone to share your food journal with. Find someone to share your work goals with. Find someone to…you get the idea. So WHY SHOULDN’T WE FIND SOMEONE TO HOLD US ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR DEBT? We should. So I am. And that’s you. The amazing person taking the time to read this.

And guess what? I’m hoping not only will this hold US accountable and help US crawl out of the whole we have slowly but surely dug for ourselves, but that it will help YOU do the same.

Because living a life of wealth is important to me. Not just monetary wealth, but wealth in all it’s forms. Yet, when the daily stress of debt is hanging over my head, I find it hard to be in the right mindset of wealth and abundance. I want a life of wealth and abundance. And I want to be debt free. So, this is Day 1 of that very public journey.

My goal is to write here daily. To share my struggles and my triumphs. To share how I saved money…and how I did not (because I am human, and I’ve really sucked at this so far, so I can’t expect to be perfect).

Thanks for joining us on our journey to be real and live a life of wealth and abundance. See you tomorrow!


One Reply to “Day 1: This is Scary”

  1. I so appreciate your open and honest approach. My hubby and I are in a similar boat and I’m looking forward to reading your blog and getting inspiration.


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