Did we already fail?

So, yesterday was Monday. The day I had this bright idea to go public with our finances and our journey to a wealthy and abundant life. I figured I’d check in and share with you how I spent my money and time yesterday.


  • $12 at Starbucks for breakfast goodies for the kids and I
  • $20 at Walmart for Marigolds for the garden (the hubs says they keep the tomato plants healthy….) and thank you notes for the wonderful ladies who gave gifts to our newest little man coming in July
  • Total spent: $32

Was any of the above absolutely necessary for me to buy?

No. I could have put together some sort of homemade bug spray for the tomato plants. I could have written thank you notes on random crafty paper I have laying around the house. I could have completely avoided Starbucks and fed myself and the kids at home.

Lessons Learned: Eat before leaving the house and utilize things at my home before buying new things.


  • I planted marigolds in our veggie garden and succulents in the pots of dead flowers
  • I put primer up in the kitchen and on the outside of the house, trying out paint samples…hoping to paint the kitchen AND the exterior of the house before the baby gets here (okay, the HUBS will be painting, I’ll just supervise)
  • I wrote thank you notes to the wonderful ladies who gave gifts to our new little man
  • I created this blog…
  • I took a nap
  • I took my kids swimming
  • I read in the book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell
  • I played on Pinterest and stared at Facebook for awhile (I have to be honest right?)

Looking at the above list, I’d say I spent my time well. Social media doesn’t control my life, and I try to be very aware of the time I spend there, but I could always spend less. I added value to my home by planting and planning paint colors, I spent time with my children, I filled my cup by napping (I’m 33 weeks pregnant, I will not apologize for this!) and reading a book that will help me grow personally and professionally and I spent time sharing my gratitude with others through the form of thank you notes. I think I did a pretty good job!

The hubs is on a trip and will return home late tonight. I’m looking forward to hearing his input in the coming posts!

Have a super tubular Tuesday!

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