The Debt Snowball

Anyone who has ever heard of Dave Ramsey, knows about the Debt Snowball. The snowball method is something we’ve tried {and failed at} for at least 5 years. I actually really like putting data into spreadsheets and doing the math and looking at the numbers, but when it comes time to actually DO IT, we fail. Obviously. If you’ve read any of the past posts, you know this. This is not new news. (new news….that’s silly).

Anyway, Pinterest has this way of recommending things to me that I actually find useful. And today, that happened. A website called “The Consumerist” has a free downloadable Snowball spreadsheet that is AMAZING.

Here’s the link to the website with the downloadable spreadsheet.

And here’s a link to a video that shows you step by step how to actually use the spreadsheet, just in case you have any questions (I watched the first 15 seconds of the video to answer a question I had, super useful).


I feel like I should tell you I’m not getting paid for this in any way…I just thought it was awesome and helpful and useful and wanted to share.

After spending about 30 minutes putting in our debt info, I was super impressed with the data. Then again, I’m kind of a data geek.

Did you try it? What did you think!

One step closer to a life of wealth and abundance over here!

3 Replies to “The Debt Snowball”

  1. I find for us auto saving is key. We went through tough economic times from 2008 till now. I’m just now returning to our former income.

    We were lucky. We went 15 years without a car payment. Now we do, but have the cash flow we will pay it off over 36 months. @1.74%.
    Do the snowball, it works. Set up as much as you can on a hot pay including your savings. Be the first in line for your paycheck….retirement, big goals. Then pay everybody else….you’ll win!


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