Grocery Shopping Challenge…

Well, I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat to find out if we were able to buy 2 weeks of groceries for $150 or less. And the verdict?

WE SUCCEEDED!! Our grand total came to $147.12!

I did end up biting-the-pride-bullet and went with Ian late last night to the grocery store, and rode around in one of those motorized carts. Ian tried to take a picture…I definitely refused. And you know what? That crazy husband of mine tried to make a few purchases that would have definitely put us over our budget {he did sneak in a pack of gummy lifesavers, his kryptonite, at the checkout line. I won’t bug him about those….too much}. I’ve heard from MANY wives their husbands do the same thing, maybe you’re in the same boat!?

We did end up buying more than just dinner items, like snacks for the kids {one of our children is obsessed with cheez-its} and breakfast items. I’m thinking we may have to go back to the store next week for a few things {toilet paper…} but we shall see.

There’s something a little exciting about “living lean,” or maybe I’m just the type of person who is ALWAYS up for a good, healthy, challenge. Either way, I’m looking forward to these next 2 weeks of being held accountable to a tight budget! And as the wise Henry David Thoreau once said:


Would love to hear your thoughts! Have a fantastic weekend, find a way to make your day awesome!

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