Teaching Contentment

The last post touched on a topic that I felt really need to be explored further: Contentment. So, I went into research mode. I feel our journey to get out of debt really requires a mindset shift. We really need to focus on being grateful for what we have, instead of always looking for something more.

So, here are 3 ways we are going to focus on modeling and teaching contentment in our home as we travel on our road to wealth and abundance:


  1. We will spend a few minutes before bed each night writing down what we are grateful for in our family gratitude journal...and I’m super excited about this!!! How cool will it be to look back at the pages of this journal. Man, I’m excited.
  2. Each month, we will go through our clothes and toys {yes…Ian and I have toys too} and decide what we can bless someone else with. We will decide what we truly do not need anymore that we can let go of.
  3. We will spend one evening a month writing thank you cards. As Mormons, we dedicate one night a week to family time {well really, for us, EVERY NIGHT AND DAY is family time…we started a school, and our kids go the school, and we work at the school…we’re together ALL.THE.TIME} but this is an evening dedicated to growing our relationships with each other and really focusing on our family. One of these evenings each month we will dedicate to writing thank you cards to someone.

My hope is by doing these things we will become more grateful for what we have, recognize what we have is enough and that we do not need to constantly buy MORE.

How about you, anything you do to practice contentment? Would love to hear it!

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