Slow down mama (and daddy)

Today is day 9 in the NICU for our little man {we hopefully get to go home by the end of this weekend!!} and every day I am learning something new. Today, I’m learning to slow down.

If you know me, it’s no secret I move quickly, always have a full plate, always have multiple balls in the air and am just all-around busy. I’ve worked hard on being busy with a purpose and with true intent, not just being busy to be busy. In fact, Henry David Thoreau has a great quote I like to reference when it comes to being busy:


Yet, I’m constantly reminded by those dear to me to “slow down.” And when I hear these two words, my response is usually along the lines of: “I am slowing down, I’m doing good! I’m not stressed or taking on too much. I’ve learned to delegate!” (That delegating thing? Took me awhile! I should definitely get an award for that!)

But while I sit here, in the room we’ve been staying in for a week, listening to my three older children breath as they sleep peacefully, I’ve realized: I haven’t slowed down. Having a premature baby forces you to slow down. On top of the other things I’ve learned this past week (I wrote about that here) this one is really important.

I want to paint rocks with my kids, (like these cool ones on Pinterest), I want to spend time outside making our backyard an awesome hangout spot, I want to go on daily walks and hikes with my family, I want to build super awesome lego creations with my kids and teach them how to cook (well, the basics….cause I’m not a super accomplished cook or anything!) I want to really focus on just a few wonderful, important things with the amazing school we run and do them awesomely {is that a word?}.

I want to slow down.

Life is precious. And we are only here for a short time. And what we do with that time matters.

We’re one day closer to a life of wealth and abundance. How about you?

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