No Spend Week

Well, we’re home from the hospital! Our little man spent 10 days in the NICU and we are so glad to have him home!! There’s something so magical about having a newborn in the house. Magic. Pure magic I tell ya.

Now that NICU stay is going to cost us a pretty penny (not to mention the $5,000 c-section) so we are getting all sorts of creative over here to make sure our lives are still full of good food and fun activities while cutting our spending at the same time.

Enter: The No Spend Week Challenge!

No spend week challenge!

From here on out, we will do this challenge the first week of every month. Which means, we’re starting today! Of course, I turn to Pinterest to show me how others have done this.  I’ve found No Spend Weekends, No Spend Months and even No Spend Years! I decided to go for the week….not too short, not too long. I found this super awesome pin that includes great info on a No Spend Challenge as well as a free printable, how awesome is that? (If you haven’t checked out my Pinterest page yet, I’d highly recommend it {shameless plug}. It’s a great place to find some cool ideas I’ve curated from around the internets).

So, tonight during our weekly family night, we will discuss the guidelines and goals for our no spend week. Tomorrow I’ll update you on what we came up with as a family. I’m excited!!

If you want to join with us, I’d love to hear what your guidelines and goals are. It will be fun to check in at the end of the week and see how we did!

Have an amazing day!

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