Our No Spending Challenge

Hey ya’ll. Family meeting last night about our No Spending Challenge went really well. We started by talking about this quote from Heber J. Grant:

heber j grant quote

We talked with the kids {ages 9, 7 and 5…and 12 days…he slept through the meeting though} about how important it is to live within our means. One way we are going to be proactive in doing this is participating in our own No Spending Challenge this week {Tuesday-Tuesday}.

We agreed on items that would be exceptions to the No Spending Challenge and came up with the following:

  • Groceries
  • Bills
  • Basic Toiletries/Household Supplies
  • Gas
  • Tithing

We also talked about how much we usually spend on the above items during a “normal” week. During a normal week:

  • We spend $225 on food {groceries and eating out}
  • We spend $100 on basic toiletries and household supplies
  • We spend $75 on gas

{We use the Dave Ramsey EveryDollar website to create our budget each month and track our spending. There’s a free version, I highly recommend it}

So, we are tracking how much we spend this week and will subtract it from what we would spend during a “normal” week to show us what we save through our No Spending Challenge. We will definitely not be eating out and will aim to eat what we have in the freezer/pantry instead of grocery shopping. {Also, we will be cutting back on how much we spend on the above items every other week of the month, because there’s definitely times we make less than wise purchase choices and end up confusing wants vs needs}

I printed off a No Spending Challenge tracker from the pin I shared in my previous post and we posted it on the fridge.

We talked about how we will use the money we save…any guesses?


Because we REALLY want to go to Disneyland and the kids know as soon as our credit card debt is paid off and we have enough money saved to enjoy our time in Disneyland with cash…we’re booking that trip! {We’re Disney lovers in this house. Our kids have been blessed to enjoy the Magic Kingdom 3 times so far in their young lives. It’s definitely a place we create awesome family memories and a place where every penny that is spent, is well spent}.

2 things already came up this morning that challenged our challenge {ha!}: The only pair of shoes our our 7 year old son has completely disappeared…and he kind of needs to have shoes… so we had to make an exception to the exceptions and buy him a pair of cheap shoes. AND, this same son {wait, I’m noticing a pattern here…} found one of the tires was popped on his bike and he needed to replace the tube. This isn’t a large purchase, but do we really need to buy it today? It was a great opportunity to reinforce needs vs wants and our son decided he could wait until next week, when we’re not on a spending freeze. Proud of our little man, and I must say, it feels really good to be proactive about having these conversations and instilling these values in our children.

Alright, I’ll be checking back in at the end of the challenge. Did you decide to join us? Would love to hear it!

oh, and Happy 4th of July!

One Reply to “Our No Spending Challenge”

  1. We’ve been using this method for about two years now. I’m happy to say I have no debt other than our mortgage and two car payments. We need a new roof and the cash is in the bank for it.
    We do still use one credit card but it pays us points that u use for Christmas. If I charge something on the card its deducted from the checking balance so when the bill comes I just pay it off.
    If you stick with it you will never have to worry about paying your bills or having the funds to do something fun with the family.
    Good Luck!!


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