2018: My Year of Rest

Choosing just 1 word to focus on for the year was an exciting challenge that I was willing to take on.

After ruminating on a few different words, I decided to embrace the word REST for 2018.

Anyone who knows me, knows REST is not something I do well. So I wanted to take a minute to share how I came to this decision.

I chose REST because:

  • I want to let my soul breathe.
  • I want to spend more time resting in those quiet places and embracing empty space.
  • I want to actually discover what it feels like to not live life at breakneck speed, to not constantly be going-going-going, and to not be so overwhelmed by my to do list.
  • I am tired. My heart is heavy. I feel a little like I am suffocating at times.
  • My responsibilities, the constant emails, the people needing me, the business demands, the projects, the meetings… I find they are sucking the life and joy right out of my lungs at times.
  • I am tired of the chasing and the racing and the out-of-breath sort of living.

My heart is craving REST, not rushing. 

The past 5 years have stretched me far beyond what I believed I was capable of. I’ve grown as a businesswoman and leader. I’ve had to make hard calls. I’ve had to carry heavy loads…and I’ve learned to rely upon the Lord like never before. I cherish these past 5 years and the ways in which I have been challenged and I look forward to continuing to grow….yet I need to learn to rest.

Rest isn’t just about slowing down and living a more restful life, it’s also about learning how to Rest in the Lord. I want to spend more time following the words found in Matthew 11:28: “Come​ unto me, all ​ye​ that ​​​labour​ and are heavy laden, and I will give you ​​​rest​.”

So how do I plan on actually doing this? {Again, if you know me…..this will be HARD for me}.

I’ve made a digital Vision Board with the help of Pinterest where I am saving quotes, articles and ideas {you can see it HERE}.

I’ve also compiled a list of quotes or scriptures I will focus on each month. For the month of January, this is my focus:

Once she stopped rushing through life, (1)

I’m also working on a reading list {yay books!}. I’ll share more about that list in the near future.

I’m excited about this challenge to Rest. And ultimately, to Trust, Listen, Slow Down and Live Life More Fully.

What about you? What’s your focus for 2018? Did you pick a word? Set a few goals? I’d love to hear about it!


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