On Blessings

Faith and spirituality are a huge part of my life. My days.

I got to thinking, I don’t talk about it or write about it {publicly} much…if at all.

I want to change that.

Because faith and spirituality are HUGE part of my life and not writing about it seems wrong.


On Blessings: We have a “bank account” of riches….aka blessings…that is impossible to over draw. This is amazing. I overdraw my bank account on a regular basis these days {again…no paycheck…easy to overdraw, when you’re me, in that circumstance. If you were my big sister Leslie, nah…you’d have that junk handled….but I’m not Leslie, I’m me} {Hi Leslie! I love you! You’re amazing!} {again…I wanted to say something besides “junk” there} {whoa that’s a lot of parentheses} {sorry not sorry}

Here’s the thing about blessings: Receiving them most often comes because we’re asking for them and finding them comes because we’re seeking them.

Think about that.

If we ask for blessings…we receive them.

If we seek for blessings…we find them.

In other words, “ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you” {that’s my condensed version of Matthew 7:7}

In other words: What do you want? What are you looking for?

Ask for it.

Keep looking for it.

You’ll find it. You’ll receive it.

Here’s another things about blessings though:

As the wise Beth Moore stated in her book “The Quest” {my best friend Lorena gifted me this book, she is amazing at gifting and knows just what I need. Hi Lorena! I love you! You’re amazing!}

“Askers receive even if what they receive differs from what they asked. Seekers find even if what they find differs from what they sought. Doors open to the ones knocking even if an unexpected host turns the knob.”

-Beth Moore

What does this mean? I think it means, as the Rolling Stones so gracefully said, “you can’t always get what you want…you get what you need.”

{Did I just quote scripture and the Rolling Stones in the same few paragraphs? Yes. Yes I did. Cause that’s how I roll}

When God does not give you the desires of your heart, what you “thought” you asked for…wait. Be patient. Trust. Many times God gives you something better. Something deeper. Something that was actually just what you needed.

And that dear friends, are a few of my thoughts on blessings.

Have an amazing day, keep an eye out for those blessings!

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