Leadership Lessons from Chuck Yeager

In October 1947, Chuck Yeager flew the Bell X-1 rocket 700 mph in level flight and became the first pilot to break the sound barrier.

After his record breaking flight, he was surrounded by reporters, wanting to get a quote from the now famous Chuck Yeager.

One of the things he said was this:

Just before you break through the sound barrier is when the cockpit shakes the most.

I come from a family of pilots. I’ve known the name Chuck Yeager since I was a little girl. What I didn’t know was the profound leadership lessons Chuck had to teach.

Yet this week, when I heard the above quote, I learned that this seasoned “fighter pilot ace” had a whole lot to teach about more than just flight.

I’ve heard the same idea shared by multiple people over the past few years. Some of my favorites:

if there is no struggle, there is no

hardest climb

goethe (1)

if you're on the right path

This concept has had different meaning in my life depending on the season of my life.

But right now?

Right now it means all the challenges we are going through, whether they be politically with our school, or our personal finances because of our decision to throw all of our support behind our school…

We may just be right on the edge of greatness. We may just be about to come out the other side.

That light at the end of the tunnel? It’s a whole lot brighter now than it was 6 months ago.

And that’s thrilling.

I think all of us want to know our sacrifice and our hard work has actually meant something.

And I think I’m right at that point where I begin to feel the cockpit stop rattling.

Thanks Mr. Chuck Yeager, for reminding me of this important lesson.

I’m loving what having a mindset of abundance does for my life.

Here’s to another amazing day.

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