On Bitterness

This evening, I walked through our neighborhood alongside two of my children who were riding their bikes, one of our favorite evening activities. While I walked, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts: Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions. The episode I was listening to was the conversation with Marianne Williamson. They spoke about a few things that really resonated with my heart and soul, but one was so directly related to what I was writing about last week, I knew I was meant to hear it.

The subject paralleled my thoughts on bitterness. After listening to the episode, I decided I am going to take a pretty big step and pray for the happiness of a person who has deeply hurt and betrayed me in the past.  Marianne suggested 1 of 2 things will happen if I pray for the happiness of someone who has hurt me: either I will behave differently or I won’t concern myself with the hurt any longer. I decided this was worth my time and energy. This is gonna be hard for me, at least at first (I’m told it will get easier with time, I’ll choose to believe that!)

Yet the more I think about it, walking around with anger and blame is ultimately causing continued pain for me. Holding on to past hurt is not helpful. It is time to let it go, maybe this is the way I can do that.

Marianne then went on to describe the principle of alchemy. According to Marianne, alchemy means:

“The universe is always self-organizing and self-correcting, if anybody has done anything to you that harmed you or if anybody did anything that was a transgression to you or betrayed you, the universe is already on it. The universe has a way to make sure that you get whatever in the material world that person took away from you. But if your heart is closed (due to the bitterness you carry), you won’t be able to receive the miraculous new possibility the universe is bringing.”

While I wasn’t completely sure what she was referring to when she said “the universe” (is that just a neutral term for “God”?), I liked this idea. I took it to mean: if my heart is closed because of the bitterness, blame, anger or hurt that I am carrying around with me, I won’t be able to receive the blessings or new possibilities awaiting me. It reminded me of a quote:

divine compensation

So, today I begin praying for the happiness of someone who has caused me deep pain. I trust that this practice will only bring goodness into my life and that I will ultimately be a better person because of it and create a better world for myself as well as my family.

I’m working on keeping the abundance flowing…..join me?

Maybe there’s someone you could send happy thoughts and/or prayers to? Someone who has hurt you? Let’s try it together.

I bet the end result will be pretty wonderful.

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