The Struggle is Real

Ya’ll, yesterday was a real struggle. We’re so tired. So SO so tired 

I woke up super early this morning. Not like can-barely-open-my-eyes-ehxausted awake. But BRAIN-AWAKE-must-get-out-of-bed awake. So I got up, took the medication that helps my body not hurt SO bad (Lyrica if you must know) and I go to sit down in our den, at 345am….because my body hurts way too bad to lay down just one more second and my brain is running a mile a minute. And in front of me…

there’s a bookmark.

Sitting on the coffee table in the den. Staring at me.

It’s a bookmark that I’ve tried to throw away a few times. But for some reason it’s never made it to the trash can. And you know what it says? It says:

“There is no progress without struggle.”

And I couldn’t even sit all the way back in my comfy reclining chair. I sat there. And I stared at that bookmark.

That bookmark that was put there, on that coffee table.

For me to see this morning.

After a day of struggle.

Today is a new day. The struggles of yesterday are done.

Seriously, they drifted out of my brain into the struggle-atmosphere and dissipated into nothingness as soon as I lay my head on my pillow last night.

I cannot carry them with me throughout this day.

Or there will be no progress.

Because the bookmark does not say

“You’ve just got to struggle and struggle and struggle….there’s no progress at the end of this struggle”


It says “there is no PROGRESS without struggle”

Which to me means, at some point, I will have progress. But I should probably stop holding on to the struggle. Especially if it’s the SAME struggle over and over again.

What does it mean to stop holding on to the struggle?

I’m honestly not quite sure yet.

Does it mean changing my mindset while continuing to strive, continuing to push, continuing to challenge.

Or does it mean “you’ve struggled enough dear girl, it’s time to move on to a different type of struggle.”

So maybe the progress lies in learning the lesson of when enough is enough. Or maybe the progress lies in continuing to struggle a bit longer?

(I wish there was a magic ball that could tell me the answer to this question.)

I’ve prayed.

I doubt I’ve prayed enough.

Can you ever pray enough?

But this morning? I know this:

The is no progress without struggle.

If you’re not struggling in some aspect of your life, you’re not progressing.

Maybe today we’ll feel or hear something that will give us the answer to our current struggle. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

But if not today?

We keep moving forward.

Walt Disney

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