I’m an AWESOME parent

So I’ve been toying with the idea of writing down the crazy rollercoaster of my life the past five years and selling the rights to a movie studio. Cool right? I mean, of course I can do that! (and so can anyone who puts their mind to it. Yep. Yep you can.). How the heck will I do that? I have zero idea. But will that stop me?

Um, no.

And this is something I love about myself. And something I love about the way that I parent my amazing littles. (gosh I love that I just wrote that. How many parents do you know who say “I love this about myself and I love this about the way I parent!” I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a parent say that about themselves….)

awesome parent (1)

Every day at least one of my littles shares with me something CRAZY they want to do with their life.

(Side story: my sweet cherub of a daughter was asking me about speeding tickets and if the money that is charged for speeding tickets goes towards the salary of the policemen and I said in a round-about way it does most likely and she quietly said to herself from the backseat “then I’m not going to be a Disneyland worker anymore, I’m going to be a policeman.” This girl? She knows what she WANTS and I LOVE IT).

When my children say something that seems a tad-bit over the top I pull out the big encouragement guns and I say “that’s awesome! You’ll be SO GOOD at that! I could totally see you doing that!! GO FOR IT!”

And sometimes my children look at me like “um mom? You’re supposed to be the VOICE OF REASON!”

And sometimes my children look at me like I’m the coolest mom in the world.

And then there’s times they don’t even hear me because they’re too busy daydreaming about their amazing future.

But here’s the thing I love about the way I parent: I constantly encourage my children to go after whatever dream they have. Even if it’s huge. ESPECIALLY if it’s huge.

I don’t think the me from six years ago would have done this. I think the me from back then would have shared some cautionary tale about not getting hopes up, about how life isn’t always fair, about how it-doesn’t-always-matter-how-much-you-want-something-it-may-not-come -true.

But then? Then I decided to open a charter public school. And I pushed and pushed and PUSHED myself so hard. And when I was told “no…..” I pushed and pushed and pushed some more. And that was the FIRST TIME I kept pushing myself when it got super hard. That was the first time I kept pushing myself when I was told “no.”   

Prior to that?

If it got too hard, I would see that as a “sign.”

If it got too hard?

That meant I wasn’t supposed to be doing it.

So I switched courses and moved on to something else. That’s what I thought I was supposed to do. That’s what I thought you were supposed to do when life got hard, you stopped.


Hard is not a stop sign.

If your path feels like it’s uphill, you’re on the right path.

And this is something I strive to teach my children on a daily.basis.

That they can do anything they dream up. ANYTHING. They just have to work their butts off for it.

And hard work ROCKS.

And that is why I’m an awesome parent.


How ‘bout you? What makes you an AWESOME parent?

Or maybe you’re not a parent…. but I still want to know what hidden talent you have that makes you AWESOME.

Sitting on the edge of my seat….can’t wait to hear!!!

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