The two quotes that are guiding my life right now:


Relax (1)

At the end of the day, I have two choices: stress out like crazy or recognize I have done all I can and trust whatever happens next is meant to happen.

I am confident each one of us experiences the challenges we do because we are meant to learn from them. And once we have learned the lesson, we level up. We move forward.

I’d like to make it clear though, just because I am aware and acknowledge the fact challenges are in our lives for a purpose does not mean I think this makes challenges easier.

Nope. Not at all.

It means I can have a sense of peace through the challenge. Yung Pueblo said it beautifully:

yung pueblo

And when considering challenges from the perspective of CS Lewis, they can even be a bit exciting:


What challenge are you going through currently? What do you have control over when it comes to this challenge and what do you need to recognize is out of your control?

What challenge did you just come out the other side of? Did you learn something important that you’ve implemented in your life going forward?

Life truly is going from one challenge to the next…and the next….and the next….it’s so important to recognize this and use it for our benefit. Otherwise we’ll live a life of stress and unhappiness.

I hope your weekend is wonderful….

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