On Grace

My life is probably a lot like yours. Full. Busy. So many things vying for your attention. A bit crazy and hectic. On most days, I handle it all pretty well. On most days, I hear the following words, either from my own brain or someone close to me:

“Cut yourself some slack”

“Don’t stress so much”


“Allow yourself some grace.”

The first two I understand. The first two I hear on a daily basis (no one should live a life where they hear those words on a daily basis…..amiright?)

But, “Allow yourself some grace”……What the heck does that mean anyway?

Well, I wanted to find out.

(so I did….cause that’s my thing….)

According to a Psychology Today article written by Kristin Meekhof:

“Grace is not just for the religious or spiritual… (this is the only way I’ve associated “grace” in the past)…instead, it is how you feel when all is unraveling and at the very end you find yourself with an unexpected gesture of kindness, that is grace. Grace happens when the person you weren’t so polite to earlier that day shows you kindness later, that is grace. It is the young child you snapped at that later hugs you, that too is grace.”

I LOVED THAT. What an amazing explanation. Right?!?!?

The article then says:

“Grace is about acceptance, forgiveness, love and as hard and bitter as this is to swallow, it heals you unlike anything else.”

So how would I go about “allowing myself some grace,” as the well-meaning people in my life tell me to do?

Well, maybe I could accept the fact I’m imperfect.

Maybe I could forgive myself for things I did during the day I’m not proud of (*cough* raising my voice at my 6 year old daughter who rolls around on the floor screaming at the top of her lungs if one of her brothers looks at her the wrong way)

Maybe I could change my paradigm a bit and see myself as a child…That sounds weird! But what I’m TRYING to say is:

Would I want my child to carry around guilt all day/month/year? NO! So maybe I should allow myself the same grace I offer to my children and others. That’s a novel idea!

So today, I will work on grace. When thoughts arise reminding me of my imperfections, I will let them pass instead of fixating on them. When thoughts arise reminding me of a challenge I’m currently going through, I will let that pass as well, instead of RE-analyzing every single detail and stressing over the outcome (which I only have limited control over).

I’ve tired of the “don’t stress” words.

I am going to focus on grace.

I think it may get me further on my journey to abundance.

Join me?


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