Word of the year check in

It’s July 1st…which means the year is officially half over. The fact that I’m STILL checking in with my Word of the Year? Huge. HUGE. I guess it doesn’t hurt that my Word of the Year ALSO happens to be the word my Drs. remind me of every.single.month…..

Back in January, I chose the word REST for 2018. To remind myself, I read  back through that January post. And I’m glad I did. Halfway through the year, am I still as committed to resting as I was 6 months ago? Have I forgotten why I even CHOSE this word?

In January, I chose “rest” because:

  • I wanted to let my soul breathe.

  • I wanted to spend more time resting in quiet places and embracing empty space.

  • I wanted to actually discover what it felt like to not live life at breakneck speed, to not constantly be going-going-going, and to not be so overwhelmed by my to do list.

  • I was tired. My heart was heavy. I felt a little like I was suffocating at times.

  • My responsibilities, the constant emails, the people needing me, the business demands, the projects, the meetings… I felt they were sucking the life and joy right out of my lungs at times.

  • I was tired of the chasing and the racing and the out-of-breath sort of living.

I have found that because I am actively choosing to rest, and to focus on the feeling of rest, I am doing a much better job than I have in the past. As I look back over this year thus far, I find that I have learned how to delegate (and not feel guilty about it…which is a whole other subject), the breakneck speed I’ve been living at has slowed down a bit. I’ve purposefully sought joy more often. I’ve recognize that I am solely responsible for the energy I carry and the effect my energy has on my children, my husband and other people around me.

So at this mid-year check in point, I am assessing myself in the following ways (and you should do this too!)

  • When it comes to “rest,” what I have done well? What am I proud of over the past 6 months?
  • When it comes to “rest,” what should I keep doing? What should I stop doing? What should I recognize I have NOT done and start doing?
  • How do I see myself “resting” for the next 6 months?

Going into the final 6 months of the year, I am going to become even more intentional about rest. I want to leave 2018 behind and feel I conquered this word, that “rest” seeped into every part of my life and soul. An Emily who rests is an amazing Emily.

rest strength (2)

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